Why Us

It is all about the team. 


We help organizations to innovate in a structured process based on our unique combination of Startup DNA and extensive Corporate experience. We operate one2innovate as a network organisation bringing together a highly experienced core team with a strong ecosystem of Startup entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches and thought leaders. We deliver actionable “learning-by-doing” programs and bring new impulses and inspiration to our clients.

Meet The Core Team

Roland Hoekzema

Founding Partner

Gé Peters

Founding Partner

Bringing together 15+ years of C-level/Board positions in leading international companies with Startup experience as mentor, investor and strategic advisor. I am passionate about combining the strengths of both “of my worlds”. Sharing the innovation lessons learned by Startups with the Corporates, whilst providing Startups a platform to interact intensively with corporates and learn from the topics they excel at.

Organisation & Change management have coloured my professional life. With 15+ years of MD level experience in Client Delivery focused organisations, I had ample opportunity to explore this field. My fascination has only grown over the years. Several entrepreneurial involvements as well as my activities as a Startup mentor made me realise how much there is still to gain from sharing knowledge and experience.

Our Unique Ecosystem

In order to be successful, a lot of things have to be spot on. Lessons learned from the Startup world clearly show that the most important factor indicating future success is the strength of the TEAM working on creating sustainable results. 


We believe EXPERTISE is gained by learning, developed by doing and amplified by sharing.


Our unique set of experts from the Startup Ecosystem is tailored to insert precisely those elements into our programs. They train, guide and motivate your INTERNAL teams to take the next steps in your innovation program towards the game changers that you are looking for. This combines available knowledge and experience with new impulses and expertise from the Startup world.

Our ecosystem provides the following expertise:


Program Managers with a proven track record of running innovation accelerators




Experts, both in terms of methods and industry knowledge


Mentors and Trainers


Pitch Coaches



But above all they provide hands-on experience from the Startup world in terms of tools, skills and mindset. Retail, E-commerce, Energy, Internet of Things, Automotive and FinTech are just a few of the fields that they are working in.

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