Getting Started

It has been a while since the idea began forming and started to move into reality. The idea was simple, combine the Corporate experience from a career at C-level and introduce the lessons learned from recent activities in the Startup world. The objective is to create a supporting model for Corporates that are struggling to get their Innovation process aligned with today's fast moving and demanding world. And where so many Corporates are trying to find the way to develop the next game changer, the least I can do is to offer some help.

So, I became a Startup myself and had to apply the principles from lean startup for setting up a company, doing the Business Model, building the Value Proposition and do the customer validation, while building a minimal viable product. But first and foremost, building the TEAM.

The company name, the logo, the website, the Business Model, the Value Proposition and the TEAM are now ready to move. And i'm proud to be able to present it to you.

I will keep you posted about progress made. Sharing is a great way to learn and improve, so I will share these hand-on experiences with you. Read about activities where we had our great learning experiences (also referred to as mistakes made), and hopefully we can share some of the successes that are waiting for us at the horizon (1, 2 or 3?).


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