Building a Model

Creating something new has to be one of the most rewarding things to do. Co-Creation is bringing this process to an even higher level. So as the concept of building a service for Corporates to help them Think, Act and Innovate like Startups became more and more reality, in a moment of creativity something new started to develop. It was not because of the wine, but it was in the company of "minds alike" that a process started that resulted in the one2innovate 5A innovation model.

So why create a model in the first place ?

We found from early customer validation that Innovation like Startups for Corporates received a willing audience. At the same time it is obvious that there is so much hands-on innovation experience around, that it would be a total waste if that would be ignored. So how to combine the new with the available knowledge and skills. How to determine the correct starting point for the introduction of accelerator programs based on lessens learned from the Startup world.

As always, "to measure is to know", so before planning any actions and starting allocation of budget and resources, the 5A Innovation Model uses a Quick Scan to align Innovation like Startups with the starting position at the customer site.


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