MLOVE is a global community that drives the Future of Mobility, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. We have a passion for meaning in technology and exponential disruption.


Since 2010, MLOVE is curating inspiring event experiences like at a castle North of Hamburg, Germany, or at amazing locations in Silicon Valley or Barcelona. MLOVE Salons are organized locally in various cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Vienna, Dublin, London and Austin.


MLOVE events bring together CEOs, CMOs, innovators and startup entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders.


The events are designed to maximize the opportunity of sharing life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better. An important part of the events are are creative collisions, provocative insights and some part of an collaborative un-conference.

The MLove Forum 2016 – A peek into the future

From July 7th till 9th 2016, the future touched down in Heiligendamm the high quality seaside resort at the Baltic Sea. Roland Hoekzema (Founding Partner at one2innovate) was one of the participants fortunate enough to attend this “by invitation only” event organised by Harald Neidhardt and his Team at MLove.


A state of awe

Around the main theme of “The Future of Mobility” top quality presenters and a similarly excellent audience discussed a wide array of future trends.  They ranged from the digitalisation of the car industry to the impact of singularity (the point in future when machines will possess technologically-created intellectual capacities that will equal those of humans) and the concept of exponential growth.  

Having all these concepts discussed in a limited timeframe leaves one in a state of awe. It makes crystal clear just how much change is happening at the moment and especially what is still to come. The unique thing about the MLove Forum is that these changes are being viewed from different perspectives. Presenters and audience had a wide range of backgrounds: corporate, science, arts, techies, entrepreneurs and startups. That made for a very rich experience, lots of inspiration, but also the notion that society will face some significant challenges that will need to be mastered with a sense of responsibility and purpose.


Mobility solutions with a sense of responsibility

This sense of responsibility was certainly noticeable in the presentations of Johann Jungwirth (Volkswagen Group), Alexander Mankowsky (Daimler) and Dieter May (BMW). They gave their visions about the future of mobility. Of course, that included thoughts on autonomous driving cars, but was certainly not limited to that. By including the shift to customer centricity, far fetching digitalisation and mobility on demand they painted a much wider picture. Still different perspectives surfaced here too. A panel discussion at the end  highlighted the diversity in the views between the 3 Automakers in expressing the future.

Dieter May (BMW), Alexander Mankowsky (Daimler) und Johann Jungwirth (VW) with MLOVE- Initiator Harald Neidhardt (Foto: one2innovate)

How Exponential Technology and Exponential Organisations change the world

More food for thought came from Yuri van Geest (Founder Singularity University Netherlands). He shared his vision on exponential growth being enabled by exponential technology. That is technology that doubles its abilities over time, while halving its cost. He went on to explain how such exponential technology can be used to overcome some of the global challenges facing mankind and called on companies to adopt a different way to organise themselves: the exponential organisation. “How can it be that in a world with such a speed of change we still layout our companies mirroring an organisational model that was introduced more than 100 years ago?”


The role of Smart Design in shaping the future

Another highlight certainly came from Martin Wezowski (Chief Designer at SAP). In a vibrant keynote he discussed the role and responsibility of design in shaping the future and guide innovation. He made clear that design is not about creating beautiful interfaces anymore. Instead the focus is shifting to “smart design” that takes the users’ context into consideration so that the application delivers knowledge instead of information. By applying smart design we teach machines “manners” and can finally stop making them “rude machines”. He put forward the idea that smart design ought to be a discipline for innovation in many fields, from business to society to politics - “everything can be designed”.


And then there was Art

As mentioned, the unique thing about the MLove Forum is that it provides different perspectives. Several artists shared the projects that they have been working on and how modern technology played a role in making them available to a wide audience. From Liat Segal and her „Confession Machine“, Anina Net showcasing High-Tech-Fashion to  Naziha Mestaoui that drew inspiration from her encounters with ancestral tribes in the Amazonas to create a virtual tree artwork on the Eiffel Tower during the UN Climate Conference in Paris last year.

Naziha Mestaoui, Founder of Act with Art (Foto: one2innovate)

Startups bring a “back into the future” feeling

A number of Hamburg Startups presented themselves too. They made sure, we had sufficient “Tech Gadgets” to touch and feel, and play around with. Whether it were Mixed Reality experiences with Microsoft Hololens, rides on Mellow’s electrically powered skateboards or discoveries of the E-Floater concept for Urban mobility from Floatility, they all allowed for a “back into the future” experience to come true.


Just 150 people from Germany and all around the globe were gathered at this beautiful place for these 3 days. This intimacy allowed for an unprecedented level of interaction and discussion with this amazing crowd. For me, the Forum was a living example of what level of energy and ideas can be released when people from multiple disciplines team up. The sharing of different perspectives resulted in a clear enrichment of the bigger picture. It is the same mix of factors that we see as crucial ingredients for the client projects at one2innovate. If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

Some more first-hand impressions can be gathered from the official MLove Forum 2016 after-movie.