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Helping Corporates to

Think, Act and Innovate like Startups

Of course, innovation is part of your business. Without it only very few would survive.
Still, how broad and deep is its scope? Just products & services, or also business models and value propositions? What opportunities does new technology bring? Is innovation entrusted to just a few or are you using the creative power of many?


And, have you already discovered that failing can be a good thing?


We offer a modular program to help you accelerate your innovation process and provide new inputs and inspiration.


Learn more about our approach and our services. Get in touch today and make a practical first step.



We offer an entrepreneurial approach to innovation for Corporates who are ready to innovate their innovation process based on the lessons learned by Startups



We will help you to unleash the potential within your organisation. We will support you in building your knowledge about the concepts of innovation and train you in the skills to apply these


It’s about doing, not about knowing. From thinking about it, to putting into action is a big step to make. We will support you through the different phases and offer a modular approach enabling for speed and impact that fits your situation 


Why Us

Thinking, learning and interacting about Innovation is what gets us going. Whilst sharing the knowledge, the skills and the mindset is what keeps us going.


 We believe that rapid learning is the key to successful innovation. We find that our unique mix of vast Corporate experience and Startup expertise brings new impulses and inspiration to our clients.


We are convinced that knowledge creates value, and even more so if it is flanked by the necessary skills and having an open mind. Then add the right (team of) people and you are up against the challenge.


We can help you to pick and build that team

We can help you to dramatically improve your learning cycle

We can help you to create results that last


That’s why


Let's stay in touch

Hi, I am Roland Hoekzema


as founding partner of one2innovate I am really interested to hear what challenges you face in your innnovation process. Together we can explore how we can help you to Think, Act and Innovate like a Startup.


So leave me a message and I will get in touch with you personally. 

one2innovate corporate innovation accelerator like startups

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